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Elbrustourservice LTD suggests the breathtaking winter holiday in Prielbrusye. It's up-to-date International Centre of Tourism, Mountaineering and Skiing in the South of Russia.

There are great number of hotels and tourist camps. We have more then 3000 places in our apartments. The length of cable way 's complex is more then 12 km. This perfectly equipped system provides the safe elevation on high slopes and the snow covering peaks of Cheget and Elbrus.

Situating in the very heart of Bacsan valley, Prielbrusye (Elbrus region) is one of the largest holiday centre in southern Russia. Spectacular mountain view, national wildlife park protect flora and fauna, permitting nature to provide a never-ending display of magnificent color and movement.

Slopes of Cheget and Elbrus are newly-emerged jet-setter's favorite destination. Friendly reception has been waiting for everyone. All the apartments are perfectly equipped to provide everything you could possibly need

The whole length of ski tracks is more than 35 km. The longest one is "Stary Krugozor"-"Azau" - 2500 m

All ski tracks have a marking and servicing by the snow tractor.

Ski tracks of Cheget and Elbrus are suited professionals and beginners tastes.

There are a lot of snow-falls in Prielbrusye. It provides snow covering tracks for all the ski season.

The firm organizes the skiing on any kinds of tracks with instructor's escorting.

High slopes of Cheget and Elbrus are equipped with network of elevators.

There are cafes, bars in the station rooms. Choose from a number of comfortable restaurants and kebab-houses serving a wide variety of Caucasian and international cousine.

The resorts are equipped with telephones, fax and E-mail.

The firm organizes mountaineering. Any tip's of difficulty with instructor's escorting.

Skiing to high slopes of Elbrus with elevating by the snow tractor.

New! Snowboarding. Ski-extreme. Hali-ski. Flying by hang glides.

There are never froze natural sources of sparkling mineral water called Narzan. This miracle moisture gives strength of health after the skiing.

There are guarded parking lots right at the foot of mountains.

Ski school is active in Prielbrusye.

Transfer to Prielbrusye from airports Nalchik and Mineralnye Wody.

All the pointed services should pay by cash and a clearing. Tourist agencies have up to the 10% reduction.

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